February 2020 leo horoscope susan miller

Drink it in. Stereo on the fritz? Buy a ticket to a concert. Or see a dazzling opera, even if you have to be in the standing room section. Leo adores rich spectacle. The point is that you should find ways to pamper yourself. Remind yourself that you are king of the jungle.

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Your sign rules the heart, so your circulation could suffer in times of anxiety. You may find yourself cold, and huddled under blankets.

Taking an aerobics class to fine-tune your circulatory system would be a great idea, and at the gym you are likely to run into people you know—all the better! Leo tends to be more creative than physical, for your sign needs regular expression of feelings.

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Try your hand at writing a screenplay, short story or learn to paint. A fabulous idea would be to join an amateur theater club—you may discover you have real talent! Any emotion you are feeling now can be poured into your role.

A Note from Susan Miller

Leos make the best actors of all the signs, for the sign rules the natural 5th house. Kids are as important to Leo as they are to Cancer. Children keep you smiling, refreshed, and distracted long enough to let you unwind.


Being a fixed sign, change is hard for you to adjust to, at least initially. Surround yourself with only your most supportive friends.

Reminisce over your biggest victories. Find the common thread in all your successes, no matter how small, to discover your personal formula for success. No matter what your circumstance, Mars will help you get inside the offices of executives of the highest echelons so that you can present your credentials.

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