Moon in cancer man compatibility

If they are lucky, they will be able to make a bridge across their differences. Cancer Moon and Scorpio Moon will share a great respect and understanding. They are a very well matched pair.

Love Compatibility in the Astrological Chart: The Moon

Both partners will become deeply attached to each other. Nurturing Cancer and passionate Scorpio can plumb the emotional depths like no one else. Both partners are intuitive and sensitive to each others' needs and feelings. These two want a committed relationship. They may tend to lose objectivity and perspective about their relationship. This pairing is almost a psychic bonding that nurtures them both and can transform them both spiritually and emotionally.

Scorpio is happy to have Cancer totally dependent upon them, because secretly, Scorpio is equally as dependent upon Cancer. Their differences can be found, but they won't make much of a fuss between them.

Scorpio is passionate and emotional, with strong hates and equally strong loves. They react emotionally to people and situations. They reveal themselves to few, as they don't like to appear vulnerable. They can be vindictive when hurt. Cancer is soft, gentle and tender. While Scorpio's intensity can sometimes upset them, they are very sympathetic and understanding. They strive for a nurturing, peaceful atmosphere at home where they can all be happy. Cancer Moon and Sagittarius Moon have little natural compatibility, though if they are dedicated and willing to work on their relationship, it could work out.

Their biggest problem is they want different things. Each person in this relationship has an entirely different approach to life. Cancer Moon is cautious, wants security and strong roots. Sagittarius Moon is enthusiastic, optimistic and wants to be free to follow the wind. Cancer is supportive, nurturing and sympathetic; Sagittarius is frank, tactless and a bit superficial. Cancer prefers the familiar, routine and family commitments.

Cancer Compatibility With Capricorn

Sagittarius wants new experiences, adventures and is willing to pick up and move to someplace new at a moment's notice. There may be problems over extravagant spending and lack of planning financially. Sagittarius' impatience with Cancer's sentimentality and nostalgia can make for some uncomfortable scenes. They may try to reason Cancer's moodiness away or ignore it completely, leaving Cancer feeling misunderstood and alone. Cancer's fascination with the past is equaled only be Sagittarius' fascination with the future.

They may feel dragged down by Cancer's neediness and emotions. They don't take things personally like Cancer, and they end up hurting Cancer's feelings without realizing it. They may frustrate themselves by trying to inhibit their own self-expression to accommodate Cancer. Cancer can learn and benefit from Sagittarius' optimism and humor, and Sagittarius can learn to accept feelings on a deeper level thanks to Cancer.

Cancer Moon and Capricorn Moon can work out very well together. They are either the best of pals or arguing, there never seems to be an in between. They differ in how they understand the world, but if they can work together, this can be a very good match. Cancer Moon is caring, emotional and moody while Capricorn Moon is uncomfortable with feelings and emotions.

Cancer wants to be close and nurturing; Capricorn prefers to keep a bit of a distance to the point that they will put off their own needs in favor of work and responsibilities. Both partners are hardworking, patient and responsible. Capricorn may have difficulty being there for Cancer emotionally even if they are there physically. Both partners are very committed and loyal, and it is here that they can truly connect. Cancer can help Capricorn understand that they need tenderness and love as much as anyone else. While Capricorn hates others being too dependent, they learn to appreciate Cancer's softness and nurturing.

Moon in Cancer & Moon in Capricorn compatibility (HUMOR)

Cancer can get a lot from Capricorn's strength and emotional stability in a relationship. Cancer Moon and Aquarius Moon have a lot of differences to overcome.

Cancer Moon Compatibility

This relationship can easily become unbalanced unless a lot of care is taken. They both come at life from different directions, and understand things very differently. Cancer Moon and Aquarius Moon both have a lot of concern for others, but Cancer approaches this from a personal level while Aquarius is more concerned with mankind as a whole. Cancer Moon wants a home and family. They want to be safe and secure.

Aquarius Moon wants change, new ideas and won't hesitate to put social issues ahead of family. Cancer wants commitment, Aquarius wants freedom. Cancer relies on instinct and emotions while Aquarius is not in touch with personal feelings, they are far more objective. Aquarius Moon's ability to put family last will hurt Cancer more often than not.

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They don't hold the same ideals, and Aquarius will suddenly make a radical change without consulting Cancer, throwing them into chaos. Cancer feels very insecure in these situations and when Aquarius asserts their need for independence. If Aquarius can learn to be sensitive to Cancer's attachments and feelings, they may learn to move a bit more slowly.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon Celebrities

Cancer can help Aquarius become more involved with their own feelings, while Aquarius can help Cancer gain perspective and clarity. They can be quite complementary if they can work out their differences.

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Cancer Moon and Pisces Moon rate a perfect ten. They have very similar motivations and desires. They are extremely happy together and will have a long relationship. They have a great deal in common.

Both partners are very receptive and can intuit the moods of those around them. You are talkative and friendly, like to go out, and to try new things. This rising sign puts Sag on your marriage house. So you may meet a partner from a different culture, or from a different country. You and the partner could travel much together. Sag also rules education, law, and philosophy, so if you study those or teach these subjects, you could meet partners there.

Depending on the degrees of Sag the Venus and Mars are in, they can be in the 7th or marriage house so that you will get married. I think you will marry more than once. The duality is hard to deal with; it seems you do move on fast in life and get bored easily.

We all have Free Will in Astrology though, nothing is fated or predetermined, so no matter what the circumstances, you make your own choices. Just go slow and don't rush into things without doing the research. I can't tell more without casting a whole Natal Birth chart. I can't see exactly where Venus love and social life or Mars actions likely to take are without drawing it out.

You will experience much change due to having three mutable signs. Based on what I have here, all I can do is warn you to be careful, read all contracts. Don't try to have a love relationship with someone who bores you. You would do well to find someone who could ground you more.

Capricorn would be a good choice. Taurus would be good as well. Can you tell mor more about my personality? The first thing which stands out is that Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn are all leadership signs. So you have the ability to set your goals and rise to the top. You are the leader others come to for answers. You are an achiever who knows what direction you want life to go in. Having an Aries Sun means you are a glass half full kind of person. You are competitive and outgoing. You are the leader of your social group too.

Aries people don't have a lot of forethought, but the Cancer and Capricorn make up for that. Aries lovers are ardent and they love to show off the person they are involved with in a relationship. You will be proud of them. The Cancer Moon represents your emotional side. You are tender and sensitive, can read other people well, and your moods change often. You are personable and well liked, and although you prefer to lead from behind the scenes at times, tend to end up in the public eye. That's OK, as the Aries in you can handle that.

You are artistic and a creative person. Family and close friends mean a great deal to you.