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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope. Don't try to force relationships to fit some culturally-appropriate mould. And even if you do take on a traditional title like girlfriend or wife, you can still buck the stereotypes. With liberated Jupiter in Libra until October 10, you will need plenty of space to do you. Some Libras may prefer single status in — but doesn't mean you'll be sleeping alone every night. In February, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars will share a flight path through your relationship house, which could make for a delicious Valentine's month.

Your ruler, lovestruck Venus, will be retrograde from March 4 to April 15, which could make things a bit choppy on the Sea of Love. Don't sweep issues under the rug with your S.

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Deal, so you can heal the rift. This cycle could even bring a reunion with "the one that got away. On August 7, a lunar eclipse in Aquarius and your passionate fifth house could bring a major moment for love — one that could even include a proposal or pregnancy. Independence is the name of the game for Libras in — you won't be keen on having a boss breathing down your neck. This could be the year to work as a consultant or start up and entrepreneurial venture.

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If you prefer a little more stability, work "intrapreneurially. Before you make any bold and autonomous moves, make sure your colleagues are clued in about your motives. With Saturn on the final leg of its three-year tour through your communication and cooperation house, you must go the extra mile to articulate your intentions. Otherwise, people may think you're disrespecting the chain of command or even trying to compete with them. Having enemies in the industry is so NOT the Libra way.

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Go out of your way to clarify everything. And think twice before taking people on as partners — better to test the waters first with a single project. If things go well, lawyer up! Draft a contract that spells out responsibilities, how you'll divvy up the profits and who plays what role. This is the key to keeping things harmonious. You could also get serious about a media project or study the finer points of marketing and social media to help build the Libra brand. Hosting Jupiter in your sign can make a robust and vital year. Your daredevil streak could even emerge, guiding you to a trapeze class or stand-up paddleboarding yoga.

But look before you leap into that extreme fitness class or go signing up for a triathalon. Your competitive spirit could get a little carried away and that can lead to sports injuries or exhaustion. If you're truly up for the challenge, be vigilant about taking the safety trainings — and wearing the safety equipment. And hey, who better than your stylish sign to turn a cycling helmet into a fashion statement?

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  7. Be true to your Scorpio nature this year, ducking out of the spotlight and spending quality time in your private little cave. You're going to need time alone to restore your energy, rejuvenate your soul, and get back in tune with the muse. This could be a creatively prolific year for you!

    Healing is a big theme, whether you're working with a specialist to fix an old injury or finding a great therapist who can help you parse through buried issues. Some Scorpios will even make a gap year, or slip off for a monthlong sabbatical somewhere off the grid. But all this restful energy is leading up to the major moment of On October 10, lucky Jupiter sails into Scorpio for the first time since November 23, Talk about a life reboot! With the red-spotted planet in your sign until November 10, , you'll fearlessly dive into new adventures and ambitious quests. This may involve traveling, relocating or renovating your career plan.

    Need advice and not sure where to look? Take a cue from the stars and let your horoscope guide you.

    By the time the year is through, you might not even recognise your own life! Some Scorpios will be swept away — or maybe swept off to a remote island for a private couples' vacation.

    Though you'll rock the rose-coloured glasses, try to keep your wits about you. It might be hard to tell a soulmate from a heartbreaker at times — and you could wind up in an endless cat and mouse chase. Rule of thumb: The connection should feel as secure when you're apart as they do when you're spending time together.

    Already spoken for? You'll crave more one-on-one time, but careful not to drift so far into the couple bubble that you shut out the rest of the world. And don't be a martyr for your mate! Put up boundaries when they ask too much from you and let them know how they can support you in return. It's your job to vocalise your needs.

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    The eclipse on August 7 could bring some cozy developments like meeting each other's parents, co-signing on a love nest or even getting "in the family way. With stable Saturn rounding out a three-year tour of your income zone at the end of , you're more interested in creating financial security for yourself than taking on new challenges in your career.

    This year you could work a "boring desk job" to pay the bills or work for a bread-and-butter client who might not be those most thrilling, but pays you consistently and on time! Having money in the bank and the ability to pay for a winter vacation will be well worth it. Some Scorpios could even invest in real estate or make a profitable home sale need the eclipse on August 7. And forget coasting: The recruiters could also start ringing you this year, thanks to a pair of eclipses in your career house on February 10 and August Leadership is calling, Scorpio — but make sure you're ready to take on the responsibilities before you say yes.

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    It's okay to wait it out too. You'll definitely be ready to leap after October 10, when daring Jupiter pops into your sign for a year. Your entrepreneurial urges will be awakened by the red-spotted planet and Q4 of will be a bright time for starting your own business. Downshift and detox.

    In , exercise should be flowy rather than insanely strenuous. You could switch from Soul Cycle to sunrise yoga or become a regular at the barre studio. As a water sign, you may love doing lap swims or even taking surf lessons.

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    And sit in those hot tubs: It can help circulation big time. Since letting go is a big theme, you might even do a juice cleanse check with your doctor first. Chug water regularly to flush out toxins and keep yourself hydrated. Swap out coffees for matcha teas if you need that caffeine fix.